It's "cheating"... but... it works!

"Women: How to Lose Up to 16 Pounds and Look 7 Years Younger in 17 Days... While You Watch TV"

Burn Off Body Fat Hour-by-Hour

Dear Friend,

     If you are dead serious about losing weight, then this will be the most important letter you will ever read.

Rachel Robles     Here’s what it’s all about. My name is Rachel Robles and until recently, I was a 184 pound teacher. I was fat. I literally tried everything to lose the extra weight... pills, crazy diets, tons of cardio, starvation - you name it, I did it. Nothing worked. Finally, one day... I hit the jackpot!

     I swear, I’ve never seen or experienced anything like this. It’s so simple, I can’t believe nobody ever did this before. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t have discovered this myself except for one day when I had a very curious "accident".

     I was sitting at my kitchen table (my husband called it the "pig pen") 14 months ago... just to let you know, I divorced him after I lost all my weight. I couldn’t put up with someone who was as negative, unsupportive, and insensitive as he was. I’m a new woman now, a happy woman.

"In 2 months using the program my friend Rachel created I've lost a lot of weight and have been able to keep it off for 6 months. I feel great, look great, and have so much energy." -- Anna Leeson, Florida

     Ok, back to the subject. So anyway... I was at my kitchen table when all of a sudden, a question popped into my mind.

"Why Do I Do All the "So-Called" Right Things Like Exercising and Eating Right, Yet I Don’t Lose Any Weight?"

     So I did even more research. And here’s what I found out:

  • A simple 15 second exercise that 7 year old Kids do naturally which Primes your Body for Rapid Sustained Weight Loss

  • How to rub your belly away in 3 minutes a day (not what you think, but knowing this secret is worth the price of this ebook alone)

  • How To "Program" Your Metabolism To Burn Fat 24-Hours-A-Day, 7-Days-A-Week And Lose All The Weight You Want... Without Weight-Loss Dieting! ("Inside Secret"!)

  • Secret "vacuum" technique that not 1 in 300 trainers know about (hint: has nothing to do with using a vacuum cleaner)

  • The "trick" to hibernation that bears use to lose weight and how you can use it to lose incredible amounts of weight in a short time

  • A 20 Second "Shortcut" Technique to a Flatter Stomach --- about the easiest thing you can do to be slimmer

  • An awesome "default" technique that you can use in literally ANY situation to lose inches off your waist --- whether you're on the street or at work --- and whether you're with people or not. (Many women see results from this within a week)

  • New weight loss pill tested by U.S Marines with amazing results (this is a special bonus... read below)

  • A tablespoon of this common product attacks, breaks up, and washes out fat from your body. Watch the fat melt away before your eyes.

  • How To Metabolically Burn Fat Cells out of your Body for Good

  • Spend less than $12 on a week's worth of "fat attacking" foods from the grocery store and not need to spend a dime more on any other grocery store food...

  • Drop about 16 pounds in 17 days without suffering... (disclaimer: about 3-5 of those pounds will be excess water weight... BUT... the other 11-13 pounds will be pure fat melted off your body)

  • Do this "Unusual technique" while you're sitting down watching TV... activates your fat deposits which will flood into your bloodstream and be eliminated

  • The 2 biggest things that keep women who are having "average" success with weight loss from having MASSIVE success losing weight... and what women who are really good at losing weight do DIFFERENTLY to give themselves a huge advantage losing weight

  • Details of the all-new "ACCELERATOR DIET" that frightened the professionals... (It's the easiest, yet most potent diet you've ever seen... one you can live on happily for months at a time... BUT we'll tell you the most effective way to use it to lose all the weight you want!

     Well, I learned something very interesting. Until now, there has always been a common "fatal flaw" built right into the design of every weight loss program ever thought up. Because of this flaw, no one (not even personal trainers) have been able to rely 100% on their diets and or their exercise programs.

     In fact, until now, any woman like you or myself - who’s been trying to lose weight and actually lost weight - lost the weight as a result of nothing except sheer luck.

Now At Last, The Problem Has Been Solved

     I have created (by accident) a brand new type of weight loss program that is so reliable, I worry about women who may use this program to lose too much weight. When you glance at this program, you may not see the relevance to this approach.

     You see, the importance is not just in giving you a superficial weight loss... the importance is the holistic approach in helping you to lose weight fast AND be healthy.

     Every weight loss program in the world except this one is designed so that no matter how genetically gifted you are, you will often fail to lose weight. Almost as though your body had brain of it’s own. And guess what, your body does. The reason why your body didn’t allow you to lose weight on other program was because you were damaging your body with an unhealthy approach to weight loss.

     You should thank your body for not allowing you to lose weight on those programs.

The Amazing Benefits of This Program

     What does all this mean? Here are some of the things you can look forward to:

  • The psychological secret to keeping your lost weight off FOR GOOD (When you know how this works, you NEVER have to worry about gaining any weight back)

  • The One Mistake that even doctors make about their diet that robs them of 47% of their Natural Energy

  • Why the "experts" are just Dead-Wrong in much of their advice for losing weight! (Even though a technique or program may have worked for them, it might not work for you... especially if you follow the advice of genetically gifted model types!)

  • How to avoid the energy sapping powers of cardio --- DON'T DO ANY CARDIO! Read this first.

  • How by eliminating one common food (it's not a favorite to begin with) ... your body will "reset" and peel off the pounds
  • How and why insomnia is keeping you fat and how to change that FAST

  • Before you eat your next meal... READ THIS... so you can ward off gaining weight... you NEED to do this before each meal

  • The exercise that peels off pounds while you lay back and watch TV

  • How to "Supercharge" your metabolism by putting it in a HYPER fat loss state

  • A Spoonful of this obliterates fat immediately after it enters your body

  • When, where, and how to use water to "jolt" your body into thermogenesis (note: the temperature of the water is a key part to why this works - - - don't guess wrong)

  • How to overcome the body chemicals that keep you fat

  • How to burn off bodyfat hour by hour

  • Why people in Colorado are healthier, less overweight and stay young longer than people of any other state

  • How to wake up the teenage metabolism that lives inside of you

  • How to take advantage of Recently Discovered Secret Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Exercises

  • What to never... EVER eat and drink if you want to lose weight

  • A great "follow up" exercise to do that will help skyrocket your results with this program... AND it allows you to relax for 40 minutes

  • How to "signal" your fat cells into self-destructing!

  • Two common foods that (if eaten daily) will 100% guarantee you'll drop pounds fast!

  • No starvation or deprivation diets to deal with

  • Lose weight without "really" sweating even once in 17 days

  • Energy fluctuations smoothed out in 4-5 days... giving you a continuous supply of energy throughout the day... no Ups and Downs

  • and so on...

Weight Loss for Women
     It took me most of the past four and a half years, a lot of money, and a near fatal accident to come up with the design of this new weight loss program that women are now calling "The Advanced Guide to Fast Weight Loss for Busy Women Who Can’t Get to the Gym".

Right now very few women know about this. But, about 8 months ago I gave this program to a half dozen of my friends to try out.

     After using this, here’s what they had to say:




"After seeing Rachel lose a lot of weight, I tried her method out and I reached my goal in 22 days. I would've lost more weight but that's all the weight I needed to lose. Words can't convey how happy I am about this." -- Dawn Podak, Florida

"I don't want to say how much weight I lost, but it was a lot. I'm not embarassed to walk around a mall or eat in public now. I didn't even feel like I was suffering while I was losing the weight. I thank Rachel every time I see her." -- Jennifer H., Florida

"I didn't see Rachel since moving out of state when she contacted me and persuaded me to read and apply the information she sent me. So I tried it not thinking much about it. But in a week I could feel my pants were way looser than before. So I reread the information and got strict on it. So far I've lost 47 pounds and I will lose my final 10 pounds by the end of this year." -- Cindy Rager, Naperville, Illinois

"I've never been skinny or very active. I always hated working out and going to the gym. Plus I'm very busy with my kids and running around making sure they are taken care of and get to all the activities they're suppose to. I tried this out and as of right now I lost 29 pounds. I didn't have to go to the gym once. I ate plenty of food. I didn't feel stressed out. Now I'm getting complimented on my body a few times each week. It feels different being noticed and appreciated." -- Dina Swanson, Florida

"My friend Rachel wanted me to say a few words about what I experienced using her program. To start with, I've lost about 40 pounds. I've been able to maintain my ideal weight for the past 5 months without any problems. My energy is incredible. I look a lot younger in my face as well as my body. I have a new self-confidence. I'm more positive and optimistic. Happy to be alive. It's amazing what losing weight does for you besides getting a better body." -- Janelle Tombley, Florida

     Do my friends have an easier time losing weight than you? Probably not.

     Most of them, until they used my new program, have never been able to lose and keep 5 pounds off in their entire life. And here’s what’s funny. Even though they all lost over 15 pounds in 3 weeks, they still avoided "real" workouts.

     I make no claims about knowing everything there is about losing weight.

     I still haven’t figured out a way to correctly lift weights (not that I need to since I’m able to maintain my weight of 132 without them). All I have come up with is an incredible new way that I guarantee will help you lose weight. You will lose weight faster than if you worked out 2 hours each day and ate 3-5 healthy meals.

     My friends, those same friends who lost weight using this, tried to stop me from "going public" with this information since I am not a true weight loss "expert". As great as my friends are, I got kind of mad about that. But the results speak for themselves. I’ve lost 52 pounds and have been able to keep it off for the past 14 months.

     I don’t care what they think. They’ve all lost over 15 pounds... so they should be happy for me.

     This is the best darn thing I’ve ever come up with and I want the whole world to know about it while I’m still around to enjoy the compliments.


Here’s How You Can Get This Program

     I’m not trying to get rich, but I struggled for over 4 years trying everything under the sun to lose weight. I spent thousands of dollars with no success. Well, I found what I know to be the most easy and successful way to lose weight... especially if you’re a busy woman who has a ton of nagging responsibilities you have to deal with each day.

     Here’s what you can expect from this program:

  • A program that you don’t have to go to the gym to do

  • A program that you can do mostly during TV commercials (great if you’re like most women and get home from work only to have to do more work such as cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, going shopping, managing the kids, and so on)... hard to squeeze in time for yourself, let alone a workout

  • A program where you won’t starve or feel deprived of food

  • A "safe" program that basically only takes 18 minutes a day (again, during TV commercials)

     I think $29.97 is a fair offer. I know $29.97 is a lot of money and I don’t blame you if that’s more than you’re willing to pay. In truth, probably the only women who will be willing to buy this new "magical" program are those 15% of women who are so serious about losing weight that they’ll happily spend that.

     That's the bad news. However, the good news is:

My Weight Loss Program Comes with the Strongest Guarantee Possible

     Here’s the way it works: Let me paint a picture here. Say each pound you lose is worth $20 to you. And I promise you that you'll lose at least 16 pounds. That's $320 (20x16). Would it be worth $320 to lose 16 pounds in less than 3 weeks and keep it off for good?

     Most women would say yes. And that's a great deal. However, I’m not going to ask for that much. I won't even ask for 1/10 of that. This ebook is only $29.97.

     Listen, we are so confident in this product that we are willing to offer it to you RISK FREE for 60 days while you try it out.

We offer a 60-day 100% unconditional money-back guarantee. You'll know your results in 3 weeks or less... so you won't need that long to decide. So let's think this through. I promise you that you'll lose at least 16 pounds.

Satisfaction Guaranteed     So what it will end up costing is less than $2 per pound of fat you lose AND keep off. Which would you rather have... an extra 16 pounds of fat on your body or $29.97? The decision is simple. I think I've done all I could do. If you're truly serious about losing weight, you can't beat this offer.


     And remember, those pounds you lose in 17 days is just the start. Stick with the program longer and you’ll lose way more weight. Each person is different, so I really can’t say how much weight you’ll lose beyond those first pounds.

     So if you'd like to order, click this link now.

 Now Wait Just a Minute, I’m Not Done

     While doing all this research, I found out some exciting news about a few other things. And I’d like to share that with you if you order this program today, and you'll get these FREE:

Bonus #1: Look 7 Years Younger Within 17 Days --- Giving Yourself a "Natural Face-lift" at Home

     You'll learn such things as:

  • How to use a simple pencil eraser to erase up to 3 years of aging off your face in 9 days (not what you expect)
  • 13 quick and easy techniques to not only stop aging, but reverse it
  • How to improve your vision dramatically
  • How to eliminate bags under your eyes
  • A simple way to smooth out wrinkles
  • How to eliminate sagging jowls
  • How to eliminate a double chin
  • How to brighten up your eyes and give them that soft "windows to the soul" look
  • How to tighten up all of the skin on your face
  • And much, much more

Bonus #2: How to Naturally Firm Up and Decrease the Size of Large Sagging Breasts OR Naturally Increase Your Breast Size by At Least 1 cup size in 23 Days

     You'll be shown how to:

  • Increase the size of small breasts with one of the exercises
  • Decrease the size of sagging breasts
  • Firm and lift sagging breasts

Bonus #3: How to Firm and Shape Your Butt to Perfection

  • Five simple exercises you can do while watching TV
  • Shape your butt
  • Firm your butt
  • Make your butt more round
  • Lift your butt up 
  • Helps to eliminate cellulite

Bonus #4: The 2nd and 3rd G-Spots Women Didn't Know They Had

  • The 3 distinct, different, and powerful G-Spots
  • The 3 different types of orgasms women have
  • How women can tighten their vaginas to drastically increase pleasure during sex
  • And a bunch of other fascinating information that will improve the quality of your sex life

Bonus #5: How to Improve your Sleep

  • How to use sleep to dramatically lose weight
  • Why insomnia hurts your ability to lose weight
  • And much, much more...


     Just imagine 3 short weeks from now weighing at least 16 pounds less, looking better, feeling better, fitting into clothes you once thought were impossible to wear... 3 short weeks and you can kiss 16 pounds of fat, flab, and excess fluid goodbye once and for all... 3 short weeks to a leaner more seductive body.

      Picture the fat burning frenzy your body activates into... virtually destroying stubborn fat from your entire body, even from hard to reach areas like your neck and chin. Non-stop fat destruction. Your body "tricked" into relentlessly burning up all its fat deposits and melting them into oblivion.

     At this point, I know I've done everything necessary to help you lose weight like I did. Even so, I see no reason for you to take a chance. After all, I am the one making the claims, asking you to believe me. If you have tried to lose weight before without success, then I can't blame you for being doubtful.

     But before you give up for good, and resign yourself to a lifetime of being overweight, put your faith in me and what I tell you. I guarantee your success with this system because I know it works.

     If you really want to be slim and trim, then order this today. Click the link below and you'll be able to download this ebook within 3 minutes and you'll soon know what it is like to lose weight, and keep it off for good.

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Rachel Robles

P.S. We offer the longest allowed guarantee by ClickBank... a 60-day 100% unconditional money-back guarantee. But you'll lose plenty of weight within 20 days to know this works.

P.P.S. If you order today, --- you'll also get those 5 important bonuses. Those bonuses complement the program and are probably worth more than the price of the program if I were to sell them separately.



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